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Sound Profiles

Using the Sound Profiles dialog, you can create and manage profiles for playing back sound on the camera.

You need to create at least one profile that you can select in the detail view of the action groups dialog for playing back the desired audio files if one of the selected events occurs.

Open the Manage Audio Messages dialog in order to create or delete custom voice messages or to select one of the pre-recorded audio files.

For additional information on this feature, see the Manage Audio Messages help page.


This feature is not available for Web and Basic models.

Profiles & Options




Select the sound file(s) for the camera to play back (use [Ctrl] click to select more than one item). If an event occurs, the camera plays back one file per event.

Playback Sequence

The camera can play back the audio files in ascending, descending or in random order.

Loop Count

Define how many sounds from the selected play list will be played back consecutively.

Adding a Profile

Click on the Add new profile button at the bottom of the dialog to create a new profile. Overtype the proposed name with a name that describes the profile as good as possible; this name is used to identify the profile in other dialogs (e.g. the detail view of the action groups).

Deleting Profiles

In order to delete a profile, activate the Delete checkbox at the top of the profile. The profile will be deleted as soon as you click on Set at the bottom of the dialog.

Memorizzazione della configurazione

Fare clic sul pulsante Imposta per attivare le impostazioni e salvarle fino al prossimo riavvio della videocamera.

Fare clic sul pulsante Default per caricare i valori di default di questa finestra di dialogo (opzione non presente in tutte le finestre di dialogo).

Fare clic sul pulsante Ripristina per annullare le modifiche piĆ¹ recenti che non sono state memorizzate in modo permanente nella videocamera.

Fare clic sul pulsante Chiudi per chiudere la finestra di dialogo. Durante la chiusura della finestra di dialogo il sistema verifica eventuali modifiche nella configurazione. Se le rileva chiede di memorizzare in modo permanente l'intera configurazione.

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