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Action Group Overview

The Action Group Overview dialog provides a summary of the actions executed by the camera if certain the events have been detected. This dialog also allows activating, deactivating, renaming, deleting as well as creating new action groups.

One action group allows combining different events with one or more actions. If the camera detects one of the selected events, it can execute the actions simultaneously or consecutively (including subsequent evaluation of the success). Note that you can arm (i.e. activate) the individual action groups either manually in the Action Group Overview dialog, using the camera's signal inputs or time table programs (weekly schedules).

For additional information about the detail view of one action group, see the online help under Action Group (Detail View).

The Name column contains the name of the action group (it is purely informational) and also allows deleting this group.

The Arming column allows activating/deactivating the action groups manually or by using different custom signals; or you can select a Time Table program, which automatically activates/deactivates the camera according to its defined schedule.


Using the custom signals, the camera can use e.g., a signal input, the illumination at the camera itself or at an attached MX-GPS-Box as an arming switch for recording.

The first row of the Events & Actions column lists the abbreviations (symbols) of the configured events and below that the abbreviations of the actions that are to be executed. The actions in the list are either separated by a vertical line ("|") or by a closing pointed bracket (">"), depending on whether they will be executed simultaneously or consecutively. This notation is also used in the live image. Move the mouse over the listed abbreviations to see more detailed information as a tool tip.

Click on the Edit button in the corresponding column to configure the events and actions of this action group. The camera then opens this action group in the Action Group (Detail View) dialog.

Modifying Existing Action Groups

In order to modify one or more action groups, you can change them as described in the following. Next, click on the Set button at the bottom of the dialog to store the new settings.


Please note that changes to the configuration are only stored temporarily in the camera's active configuration. In order to store the changes permanently, you should always store the settings in the camera's permanent memory (see Storing the Configuration).

Creating Action Groups

Click on the Add new group button at the bottom of the dialog and change the proposed name. Note that this name is purely informational, but you should use a name that best describes the settings of the group. Only use letters, digits, hyphens, dots and underscores for the name ((A-Za-z0-9-._).

Deleting Action Groups

Activate the Delete box of the action groups you want to delete and click on Set at the bottom of the dialog.


When clicking on the Set button, the camera will immediately delete all action groups with an activated Delete checkbox from the camera's active configuration. In order to store the configuration permanently, click on the Close button at the bottom of the dialog (see Storing the Configuration).

Click on the Restore button at the bottom of the dialog load the action groups that are stored in the camera's permanent memory.

Memorizzazione della configurazione

Fare clic sul pulsante Imposta per attivare le impostazioni e salvarle fino al prossimo riavvio della videocamera.

Fare clic sul pulsante Default per caricare i valori di default di questa finestra di dialogo (opzione non presente in tutte le finestre di dialogo).

Fare clic sul pulsante Ripristina per annullare le modifiche piĆ¹ recenti che non sono state memorizzate in modo permanente nella videocamera.

Fare clic sul pulsante Chiudi per chiudere la finestra di dialogo. Durante la chiusura della finestra di dialogo il sistema verifica eventuali modifiche nella configurazione. Se le rileva chiede di memorizzare in modo permanente l'intera configurazione.

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